About Us

Grande Lagoon Community association was created to oversee and manage all the common areas and amenities within the five Grande Lagoon Subdivisions

The Grande Lagoon Community Association (GLCA) is a "Not for Profit" Corporation established to maintain the quality of life for the residents of Grande Lagoon, Grande Lagoon North, Grande Lagoon South, Grande Lagoon West and Grand Lagoon Lakes Subdivisions (hereafter referred to as "Grande Lagoon"). The primary means of influencing the quality of life for Grande Lagoon residents is the maintenance of the common areas owned by the GLCA. These areas include our beach, tennis court, 2 parks, 9 landscape islands and 3 entranceways. To this end, membership dues have been established: $150.00 per year for all properties, developed or undeveloped

The GLCA also tries to influence the quality of life around Grande Lagoon by being active in the Neighborhood. On behalf of it’s members, the GLCA organizes social events and volunteer days, intervenes with local government and provides assistance to those in need during or after a disaster (Hurricanes, fires, accidents). The GLCA is also very active on the issue of public safety (traffic problems, dangerous structures or vehicles etc.).

Only owners and/or renters of property in one of the Five subdivisions mentioned above, are eligible to join the Association. There are currently 409 such properties. Membership in the Association is a pre-requisite of the rights and privileges to use of the various amenities within the Grande Lagoon subdivisions and for access to the members only sections of this website.

If you are an owner or renter in one of the Grande Lagoon subdivisions and are not yet a member of the Association we strongly encourage you to join our orginization.  Gaining access to our community amenities and the members only sections of our website is a strong enough reason to join but, more importantly, by becoming a member you help us finance the costs involved with day to day maintenance of the facilities and with the long and short term plans for improvements by virtue of your membership fee.  Remember, it is our only source of income for financing all these costs.  If you are not already a member and you wish to join you can do so at any time by paying your current year HOA fee.  You can do this via Paypal by visiting www.payapl.com and sending your payment to [email protected].   If you would prefer not to use Pay Pal you can send us a check for $150.00 to Grande Lagoon Community Association, 10447 Sorrento Rd., Suite 100 PMB125. You can see this same information by clicking on "payments" on our home page. Either way, as soon as your payment is received and recorded we will contact you to let you know that you are cleared for registering on our website which will make the members only pages available to you.  Welcome aboard and thank you for your support.


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